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Listen to Joel Top from PlanWiser Financial | The Advisor's Guide to Estate Planning Podcast

Boost Your Client Services with Joel Top's Estate Planning Approach!

This episode dives into how financial advisor Joel Top is expanding his service offerings to include affordable estate planning. Previously a physics teacher, Joel left the traditional firm model to provide a more holistic experience for his clients.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Leveraging Encore software to streamline the estate planning process.
  • Building a collaborative team with accountants and IT specialists for comprehensive client care.
  • Structuring tiered service plans to cater to diverse client needs, from basic wills to complex trusts.
  • Partnering with custodians and banks to facilitate trust funding.
Joel also addresses the common client challenge of procrastination and offers strategies to help advisors navigate these conversations. Tune in for actionable insights on how to add estate planning to your client service toolbox and gain a competitive edge.