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Listen to Scott Leonard from Navigoe on the Advisor's Guide To Estate Planning Podcast!

In this episode Scott dives into how advisors can simplify the estate planning process for their clients.
Here's the nuggets of wisdom Scott offers:
  • Streamlined Approach: Scott explains how his approach saved him time and money compared to traditional estate planning methods. This allows him to serve more clients effectively.
  • Modernized Strategies: He discusses his expertise in navigating complexities like portability of the unified credit, ensuring clients receive up-to-date estate plans tailored to their needs.
  • Enhanced Client Experience: Scott shares a positive client story where a trust document was completed quickly using his methods, highlighting his focus on client satisfaction.
  • Advisor Best Practices: Scott emphasizes the importance of advisors having their own estate plans. He believes this helps advisors connect with clients and motivate them to prioritize estate planning.

To find out more about Scott and his firm visit Navigoe’s website here
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