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How Advisors Implement and Grow Fee-for-Service with Estate Planning

Many advisors need help transitioning from hourly billing to a fee-for-service model, especially for estate planning. But what if you could increase your profitability, improve client satisfaction, and streamline your workflow, all while ensuring your clients receive the comprehensive planning they deserve? EncorEstate Plans and AdvicePay will show you exactly how to do this. Join Matt Morris, CEO of EncorEstate Plans, Jesse Hoffmann, Account Executive with AdvicePay, and Eric J. Negron, CEO of Forefront Wealth Partners, to learn:

  1. The benefits of fee-for-service: Increase your profitability, improve client experience, and boost efficiency.
  2. Practical strategies for setting your fees: Learn how to benchmark against industry standards and create clear, value-driven service packages.
  3. Proven implementation tips: Hear directly from a fellow advisor who has implemented fee-for-service estate planning.
  4. How to address client concerns: Gain insights on overcoming objections and confidently transitioning your clients to a fee-for-service model.